Download Utah Earthquake Resiliency Workshop Materials

April 27, 2016

Attendees may click here to receive Professional Development Hours.

Click the corresponding links in the table to download each presentation. The Workbook has been updated to include all of the presentation materials and is in color. Click here to download the revised Workbook:  Utah Earthquake Resiliency Workshop Workbook


Individual Presentations

MaxfieldSeismic Design
DavenportMiller Group
LundEconomic Recovery
WoodEarthquake Scenario
Mitrani-ReiserResilience Based Design
SteverHealth Department
BerrettPublic Works
YuOregon Plan


Wasatch Fault Scenario Report

The report Scenario for a Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake on the Wasatch Fault—Salt Lake City Segment was presented to the members of the Utah Seismic Safety Commission on July 30, 2015. The report is now available for download.

Video – Wasatch Fault Fly By

Fly along the Wasatch fault in Google earth to explore the earthquake risks along the Wasatch Front in Utah

Video – Utah: Preparedness Now

What can happen if a 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes the Wasatch Fault? This video, produced for the Great Utah ShakeOut, happening Thursday, April 21, 2016, tells you what can happen and how to prepare your home or business for a major quake.

Join the Utah Chapter of EERI

Benefits of Joining the Utah Chapter of EERI

EERI is the principal national society in the U.S. for earthquake professionals. EERI’s members are dedicated to reducing earthquake risk by staying on top of the latest scientific and engineering advances, better understanding the social and economic impacts of earthquakes, and serving as advocates for seismic safety.

We hope to advance EERI’s goals of promoting the advancement of the science and practice of earthquake engineering, improving understanding of the impact of earthquakes and advocating comprehensive and realistic measures for reducing the harmful effects of earthquakes by:

  • Partnering with other organizations and agencies involved with seismic risk issues (Currently, several Section Board members are active in the Structural Engineers Association of Utah, Utah Seismic Safety Commission, Western States Seismic Policy Council, ASCE’s Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering)
  • Being an advocate for seismic safety at the State and local government levels (We recently wrote the Governor thanking him for his support of rapid visual screening of public schools. Currently, that letter is being circulated among State legislators to encourage their support) 
  • Increasing awareness through education and lecture opportunities (We recently hosted EERI’s Joyner Lecture)
  • Promoting student chapters and activities
  • Involving members through participation in committee work

New members to the chapter are eligible to receive the following bonus materials.

  1. Proceedings of the 9th NCEE (DVD), value $125
  2. Any Oral History (Printed), value $15
  3. Choice of printed version of Special issue of Earthquake Spectra on either the Great SoCal ShakeOut ($75), Haiti ($50) or Chile ($50).

Please make a note on the membership form (see below) indicating that they want to take advantage of this offer.  For those members who have recently joined, please contact the institute ( on a case by case basis indicating that they are also eligible for the bonus material.

How to Join

Click here to access the EERI online membership form. From here if you wish only to join the Utah chapter ($25), scroll down and check the box next to Utah Chapter, click continue and checkout as usual.


Letter of Support to the Governor

Governor Herbert recently recommended the inclusion of $500,000 into the office of education budget for the Rapid Visual Screening for earthquake risk at our public school buildings.

The Utah Chapter of EERI provided a letter of support for the Governor’s action. See attached pdf file.

gov_letter_2_12_13 (2)

EERI Utah Chapter Open Letter on Board Nominations

On October 2, 2012, President Elect Peter McDonough wrote an open letter to the chapter membership regarding board nominations for the new year. The letter is attached.

President Elect Letter on Nomination Board Members

EERI Utah, News and Announcements

During the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute / National Earthquake Conference held in Memphis, Tennessee April 10-13, 2012, Utah received confirmation as a new chapter of EERI.

The chapter founding members are:

Barry H. Welliver (#8637)

John P. Masek (#2359)

Zach Hansen (#14262)

Peter W. McDonough (#928)

T. Leslie Youd (#934) (Honorary)

Chris P. Pantelides (#4457)

Luis F. Ibarra (#9742)

Bret Lingwall (#12453)

Christopher Duross (#11510)

Gary Christenson (#918) (Retired)

Robert Snow II (#12068) (Young Professional)

Walter J. Arabasz (#3522) (SSA)

The letter sent to the EERI Board of Directors requesting admission as a regional chapter can be viewed  here: EERI Board of Directors letter

Welcome to EERI Utah

This is our new website!

During the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute / National Earthquake Conference held in Memphis, Tennessee April 10-13, 2012, Utah received confirmation as a new chapter of EERI.

We’re excited to begin operations shortly, stay tuned!