Meeting Minutes & Bylaws

Utah Chapter Bylaws


2021 Board Meetings

Board Minutes, May 2021 – Items covered include the distinguished lecture webinar, planning for the 2022 National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (NCEE) Meeting.

2015 Board Meetings

Board Minutes, February 2015 – Items covered include earthquake scenario update, and Short Course and Joyner Lecture updates.

2014 Board Meetings

Board Minutes, December 2014 – Items covered include progress report on Utah scenario earthquake model.

Board Minutes, April 2014 – Items covered include evening lecture topics and liquefaction short course report.

Board Minutes, February 2014 – Items covered include student chapter status and Liquefaction Short Course overview.

Board Minutes, January 2014 – Items covered include chapter election results, and student chapter overview.

2013 Board Meetings

Board Minutes, September 2013 – Items covered include new chapter members, Meet the Mentor Fall Seminar, the Spring Liquefaction Short Course, and Elections.

Board Minutes, August, 2013 – Items covered include the NGA West Project, 2013 UGS Basin and Range Summit III, the Liquefaction Short Course, and Meet the Mentor Fall Seminar.

Board Minutes, May, 2013 – Items covered include an earthquake engineering short course.

Board Minutes, March 2013 – Items covered include a discussion of possible fall activities.

Board Minutes, February 21, 2013 – Items covered include Joyner Lecture planning, and the organization of a Commitee Meeting.

Board Minutes February 27, 2013 – Items covered include general goals of the Utah chapter, and the Young Members Committee.

2012 Board Meetings

Board Minutes, December 2012 – Items covered include elections, and membership admission procedures, and website development.

Board Minutes, October 2012 – Items covered include the creation of the role of Geosciences Director.

Board Minutes, September 2012 – Items covered include the Utah Chapter’s relationship and connection with other EERI chapters, as well as regional organizations.

Board Minutes, August 2012 – Items covered include suggested activities and initiatives for the board of directors, organizing group, and interested observers.